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MedBridge provides the content, technology, and patient relationship management tools you need to drive the clinical and financial success of your organization.

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Home Exercise Program and Patient Education

Empower patients throughout their recovery process. Increase activation and engagement by providing comprehensive patient education and high quality home exercise videos. Improve clinician efficiency and reduce operational costs with our EMR integrated version.

monetization_on Save over $4,500 per clinician per year. On average, clinicians using MedBridge HEP save 2 minutes per patient.1

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MedBridge GO

Get your patients moving! Motivate your patients to become active partners in their care to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Gain insights into program adherence and improve patient satisfaction with real time data, feedback, and surveys. Help your patients through every phase of their recovery.

assignment_turned_in Patients with low activation scores incur costs up to 21 percent higher than patients with high activation levels.2

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Net Promoter® Score

Build strong relationships with your current and future patients to drive business growth and profitability. Leverage satisfied patients to expand your clientele. Identify unsatisfied patients early on in the course of care so you can intervene appropriately.

show_chart Improving patient satisfaction survey results by just one point can lead to increased profits of $1,443 per patient day.3 98% of patients surveyed were highly satisfied with the MedBridge Home Exercise Program.

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Drive patients to your organization and use telehealth to generate future appointments. Place your patients at the center of care by letting them choose when and where they receive treatment. Increase efficiency for your team while adding an additional source of revenue to your practice.

important_devices Implementing a telehealth solution has proven to result in $2,000 in per-patient annual savings.5

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Outcomes Tracking & Reporting Coming Soon!

Reduce operational overhead and save time. Identify costly gaps in outcome scores and easily implement improvement programs to get patients better, faster. Show payers and partners your outcomes action plan to reinforce that you are providing the best quality of care.


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  1. Two minute time savings was reported by clients using the EMR integration. The dollar value was calculated using an average reimbursement rate of $70 and 8 patients/day for a year period.
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