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MedBridge is your all-in-one solution for clinical education, patient engagement, and outcomes-driven reporting on a single interoperable platform.

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Home Exercise Program

Save time and increase patient engagement with our easy to use HEP platform. Our video-based library of exercises allows clinicians to create individualized HEP, track adherence, and receive patient feedback.

  • Integrates with your EMR to quickly and easily create custom programs
  • Robust library of 5,000+ accurate exercises, 100+ added monthly
  • Intuitive interface, save time via drag and drop, custom notes, and templates of common programs.

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Patient Education

Improve patient satisfaction, activation and adherence through our high-quality, customized patient education. Our Patient Education bridges the gap between clinicians and patients, saving time, improving outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction.

  • 3D animated videos with engaging explanations of over 250 pathologies
  • Share with patients by email, HIPAA-compliant portal, or printable PDFs
  • Use your own logo, colors, and custom layout with our custom brand features
  • Integrate with your EMR to create custom patient education programs
  • Easy-to-understand utilization reports provide deep patient insights

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Continuing Education

Improve patient outcomes by connecting clinicians to the highest quality online education taught by leading industry professionals. MedBridge provides cost-effective CE with the added bonus of HEP, patient education, and visual reporting dashboards in a single subscription.

  • A growing library of over 900 courses across multiple disciplines and specialties
  • Top instructors teaching the latest evidence in diagnosis and interventions
  • Engaging presentations with case studies, 3D anatomy, and animations
  • 50+ new courses added monthly based on new research and client requests

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Learning Management System

Easily create customized educational programs and track clinician progress with a learning management system built specifically for healthcare providers. Build curriculum from a library of over 900 existing Medbridge courses or upload your own content.

  • Create customized programs for onboarding, compliance, mentorship, certifications, and more
  • Track and report clinician progress and CE compliance across your entire organization
  • Recognize and remedy gaps in performance with targeted education for areas of improvement
  • Integrates with HR management systems for a seamless experience

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Compliance Training

MedBridge Compliance meets your organization's regulatory and compliance needs. Easily assign and track compliance training across your entire organization and stay proactive with compliance and feel confident in the event of an audit.

  • Protect your organization from regulatory or legal disputes
  • Leverage existing MedBridge course packages designed to provide quick, easy, and engaging educational experiences
  • Easily tailor your program to meet your needs
  • Automatically assign staff the training they need and send reminders before they fall out of compliance

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Certification Prep Programs

Attract top talent and increase referrals. Our certification prep programs are designed to give your clinicians the tools they need to pass tests, gain expertise, and elevate the profession—all while earning CEUs.

  • Advanced topics taught by the top instructors
  • Included in your subscription at no extra cost
  • Customized programs designed specifically for certification exams

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Net Promoter® Score

Capture your patient’s feedback, identify insights, and highlight trends to ensure patient satisfaction. Build a patient inspired culture and grow your brand awareness with our NPS® surveys and dashboards.

  • Automatically gather instant, actionable feedback from patients to measure satisfaction and improve their experience
  • Better understand your patient’s perception of care and manage their experience on one platform
  • Take immediate action and delight your patients beyond their expectations to ensure long-term organizational success

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MedBridge GO

The patient mobile app is designed to revolutionize home exercise. Make your patients active partners in their care and gain powerful insights with real time data, feedback, and surveys.

  • Reduce self-discharge by keeping your patients engaged with their custom exercise program every day
  • Improve the patient experience by prescribing easy-to-follow exercises in achievable daily doses
  • Drive better outcomes with daily reminders, streaks, and positive reinforcements that incentivize progress
  • Extend your marketing reach with custom app branding

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Drive patients to your organization and use telehealth to generate future appointments. Place your patients at the center of care by letting them choose when and where they receive treatment. Increase efficiency for your team while adding an additional source of revenue to your practice.

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Telehealth Device Mockup

Outcomes Tracking & Reporting Coming Soon!

Reduce operational overhead and save time. Identify costly gaps in outcome scores and easily implement improvement programs to get patients better, faster. Show payers and partners your outcomes action plan to reinforce that you are providing the best quality of care.

Thousands of Clinicians Improve Lives With MedBridge


“MedBridge is best-in-class in online education with instructors who are experts in their fields. The courses have definitely taken me to a higher level of practice.”

Paula M. McElmeel, MOTR/L


“MedBridge is so much more than just a continuing education platform! It is a cornerstone for developing clinical excellence and providing patient education.”

Brian Hoy, PT, CMP, FMSC,

Director Of Clinical Operations, Director Of Spine Care


“I use MedBridge daily. It is a huge part of my patient care and professional development… the continuing education is second to none.”

Brett Burton, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

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