From Better Clinical Capacity to Maximized Reimbursement: Creating a Home Health Care Virtuous Cycle

Demand for home health care has skyrocketed, but clinical capacity shortages have prevented agencies from keeping up, forcing them to turn away an unprecedented 76 percent of referrals last year.1

In our eBook, we explain how adopting a home health ecosystem can help maximize reimbursement by addressing the problems of clinical capacity limitations, creating a ‘virtuous cycle’ that starts with better onboarding and supports nurses throughout their entire career.

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  • Why growing clinical capacity issues threaten to upend home health care
  • How a digital home health ecosystem can help you to avoid the ‘vicious circle’ of staff attrition
  • How MedBridge can help you achieve the ‘virtuous cycle’ that will boost clinical capacity for years to come
  1. Home Health Care News: How Home Health Providers Are Maintaining Positive Referral Relationships Amid Historically High Rejection Rates. August, 2023.    Get the eBook

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