Keep Your Patient Population Healthy and Provide the Right Level of Care

Encourage population health across a diverse network by assessing risk, implementing prevention measures, and standardizing best practices.

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Stop Wasting Resources on Ineffective Care Utilization

Without the ability to optimize care utilization, healthcare organizations can experience rising costs and lowered patient outcomes. Better manage population health by stratifying your patients to deliver appropriate, targeted care and preventive education across your network.

Our Population Health Management Solution combines digital healthcare tools with patient education and clinical training to help you replace and supplement costly in‑person visits, develop standardized care pathways, and implement best practices to keep your population healthy.

50% of healthcare costs are spent on the top 5% high-risk patient population.1


of users indicated MedBridge courses have helped them better treat their patients.


of users indicated MedBridge exercises have helped them improve their patient outcomes.

How Our Solution Works

Deliver the right level of care at the right time

  • Use digital care delivery methods to assess risk level and determine the appropriate level of care.
  • Replace and supplement costly in-person visits with digital healthcare tools.
  • Better manage your patient population by helping your clinicians deliver exceptional care with our high-quality training and education.
Population Health Management Solution

Keep your population healthy

  • Encourage long-term healthy behaviors in patients with engaging, targeted education and interactive delivery tools.
  • Intervene to prevent at-risk patients from developing new or worsening health conditions with our comprehensive patient engagement solution.
  • Optimize utilization and total cost of care by scaling high-quality wellness and preventative health education across your patient population.

Lower costs by optimizing utilization and standardizing care

  • Decrease care utilization and lower costs by getting patients to the right level of care at the right time.
  • Standardize digital pathways of care with best practice training and templated home programs.
  • Improve access and patient engagement with effective digital care to lower downstream costs.

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Designed for Your Needs

Our Population Health Management Solution is optimized for a variety of settings.

Private Practice MedBridge Solution

Private Practice

Hospitals and Health Systems MedBridge Solution

Hospitals & Health Systems

Home Care and Hospice MedBridge Solution

Home Care & Hospice

SNF and Long-Term Care MedBridge Solution

SNF & Long-Term Care

View Population Health Management Products

  • Home Exercise Program
    Increase patient adherence with easy-to-use, customizable, and engaging home exercise programs.
  • MedBridge GO Mobile App
    Transform the patient experience by prescribing home exercises in easy-to-follow, achievable daily doses.
  • Patient Education
    Help patients quickly and comprehensively understand their diagnosis and rehabilitation plan with engaging education.
  • Telehealth Virtual Visits
    Replace or supplement more costly in-person visits for your low- to medium-risk patients with our effective, user‑friendly telehealth tool.
  • Net Promoter® Score
    Capture patient satisfaction, build a patient-inspired culture, and grow your brand awareness with our NPS® surveys and dashboards.
  • Patient Adherence Tracking
    Identify behavioral patterns and barriers to adherence to help boost patient satisfaction and improve clinical outcomes.
  • Outcomes Tracking and Reporting (Coming Soon)
    Identify gaps in performance as they arise and get immediate data-driven recommendations for addressing them.
  • Triage Tool (Coming Soon)
    Build and deliver intuitive questionnaires that assess your patients’ conditions and risk levels so that you can determine appropriate plans of care.
  • Continuing Education
    Improve clinical knowledge across your organization with over 1,800 accredited courses across multiple disciplines and specialties.
  • Learning Management System
    Standardize clinical training with an intuitive, user‑friendly platform.

1NIHCM Foundation (Understanding U.S. Healthcare Spending, 2011)

Net Promoter®, Net Promoter System®, Net Promoter Score® and NPS® are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc. NPS Prism is a service mark of Bain & Company, Inc.

Drive Better Outcomes at a
Lower Cost

Help your organization deliver better care more efficiently
with our all-in-one value-based care solution.

View Our Complete Value-Based Care Solution

Drive Better Outcomes at a
Lower Cost

Help your organization deliver better care more
efficiently with our all-in-one value-based care solution.

View Our Complete Value-Based Care Solution

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