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Athletic Recovery & Engagement Resources

Included in the Premium Subscription

Engage your athletes with our library of industry-leading education and exercises – the tools you need to help athletes achieve the highest level of performance.

How it Works


Easily create home programs by combining educational material and exercises in our home program builder.



Print, email, or text the customized programs to your athletes with the click of a button.



Athletes can access programs through our custom branded patient portal or mobile app.

The All-in-One Solution

Provide your athletes an exceptional experience and keep them engaged as partners in their care.

Watch a walkthrough of our entire engagement suite to understand how each piece – athlete education, video exercise library, and patient mobile app – fit together to help your athletes return to elite levels of activity.

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Take a closer look at our Athlete Engagement Resources

Athlete Education

Ensure Athletes Understand Their Diagnosis

Help athletes understand their injury or condition and its impact on their performance with our library of engaging and effective education. Our handouts and videos cover everything from orthopedic topics like ACL or Rotator Cuff Tear, to sport specific injury prevention:

Details of the diagnosis in a simplified format

What to expect during and post therapy

Strategies for managing and adjusting to their condition

Featuring Hundreds of Educational Materials
Videos and Handouts

Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Concussion Education

Baseball STOP Sports Injuries

Ice/Heat Modalities

Exercise Library

Engage Athletes and Improve Their Performance

Our library of video exercises, stretches, and strengthening techniques provide athletes easy-to-follow visual demonstrations to help them return to performing at the highest level. These exercises can help athletes:

Increase strength, coordination, and range of motion

Retrain and rehabilitate muscles after injury

Execute home exercise with proper technique

Preview our Exercise Library
Over 6,500 Exercises
  • Sidelying Hip Adduction with TRX®
  • Plank Curls on BOSU® Ball
  • Deep Water Jogging
  • Crunch on Swiss Ball
  • Single Leg Cone Pick Up
  • Partial Turkish Get Up
  • Runner's Climb
  • Standing Shoulder Press with Barbell
  • Elliptical
  • Recumbent Bike
  • Hamstring Curl with Weight Machine
  • Rowing
  • Shoulder Press with Weight Machine
  • Back Extension on Roman Chair
  • Seated Leg Press
  • Seated Arm Bike
  • Side Stepping with Resistance at Ankles
  • Side Step with Agility Ladder
  • Supine Deep Neck Flexor Training
  • Full Superman on Table
  • Seated Multifidi Isometric
  • Shoulder PNF D2 with Resistance
  • Quadruped Bent Leg Hip Extension
  • Bridge
  • Shoulder External Rotation Reactive Isometrics
  • Standing Wall Ball Circles in Scaption with Mini Swiss Ball
  • Standing Shoulder Posterior Capsule Stretch
  • Supine Shoulder External Rotation with Dowel
  • Corner Pec Major Stretch
  • Supine Static Chest Stretch on Foam Roll
  • Seated Elbow Manual Massage Clockwise
  • Scapular Retraction with Resistance
  • Hamstring Mobilization with Foam Roll
  • IT Band Stretch at Wall
  • Standing Quadriceps Stretch
  • Supine Active Straight Leg Raise
  • Squat
  • Lower Quarter Anterior Reach
  • Seated Plantar Fascia Mobilization with Small Ball
  • Heel Raise on Decline Board

Patient Portal & Mobile App

Revolutionize Treatment Outside the Training Facility with MedBridge GO

Inspire your athletes to be active partners in their care. Our patient portal & mobile app are designed to keep athletes engaged with their exercises:

Enable athletes to access their therapy education and exercises on their own

Improve treatment success by prescribing easy-to-follow exercises in achievable daily doses

Help athletes achieve lasting outcomes with daily reminders, streaks, and positive reinforcements that incentivize progress

Improve lives.

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Advance your knowledge with exclusive content from industry leading instructors