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Patient & Family Engagement Resources For Speech Pathology

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Engage your patients with our library of industry-leading patient education and exercises – the tools you need to help patients achieve their highest level of function.

Pediatric Patient Engagement

From the NICU to schools, providing suggested exercise and education for pediatric patients and their families presents a unique set of challenges.

Be prepared and ensure compliance with exercises and educational tools designed with the pediatric patient in mind –featuring pediatric models, colorful animations, and play-focused language.

Pediatric specialty areas covered include:

Feeding & Swallowing in the NICU

Phonemes & Articulation

Early Language Development

Oral Motor


How It Works


Easily create home programs by combining education resources and exercises in our home program builder.



Print, email, or text the customized programs to your patients with the click of a button.



Patients and families can access programs through our custom-branded patient portal or mobile app.

Take a closer look at our Patient Engagement Resources

Patient & Family Education

Ensure Patients Understand Their Diagnosis

From acute care to rehab, and from private practice to schools, provide patients and families with the resources they need for the best long-term outcomes, recovery of function, and skill development.

Specialty areas covered include:

Pediatrics & early intervention

Speech & Language




Featuring Patient Education Materials
Videos and Handouts

Chin tuck

Strategies for Remembering Names

Copy and Recall Treatment (CART)

Essential First Signs

Exercise Library

Engage Patients and Improve Their Recovery

Our library of video exercises, techniques, and maneuvers provides patients easy-to-follow visual demonstrations to help them regain optimal function. These exercises can help patients:

Increase strength, coordination, and range of motion

Retrain their muscles and improve communication skills

Maintain consistent progress toward therapy goals

Preview Our Home Exercise Library
Hundreds of Exercises
  • Lip Closure
  • Making the Sound [b]
  • Whole Tongue Elevation
  • Tongue Strengthening with Resistance
  • Making the Sound [th]
  • Tongue Lateralization
  • Tongue Tip Elevation
  • Making the Sound [sh]
  • Mendelsohn Maneuver
  • Chin Tuck Against Resistance with PhagiaFLEX™
  • Jaw Closing Against Resistance
  • EMST150: Getting Started
  • Shaker Maneuver
  • Tongue Press with IOPI® Trainer System - Front
  • Lip Curl
  • Alternating Puckers
  • Cup Bubbles
  • Stretch and Flow Phonation - Breath Only
  • Tongue Out Hum - Sustained
  • Fading Tongue Out Hum - Reset Words
  • Vocal Function Exercise - Glide from Lowest Note to Highest Note
  • Vocal Function Exercise- Sustaining Musical Notes (CDEFG)
  • Cup Bubbles - Siren
  • Stretch and Flow Phonation - Phrase Level
  • Tongue Resistance
  • Jaw Opening
  • Cheek Puff
  • Pucker
  • Tongue Retraction
  • Side-to-Side Jaw Movement
  • Chin Tuck Against Resistance with a Towel
  • Effortful Pitch Glide
  • Articulation Phrases /S/
  • Oral Reading Sentences Level 1
  • Picture Card #1
  • Contrastive Stress Sentence #5
  • Functional Requests: What time is it?
  • Picture Card #20
  • Vocal Fold Adduction Push (Hand)
  • Minimal Pairs Initial /Y/
  • 1-Step Command: Write Your Name
  • Complex Yes/No Questions
  • CART (Write): Dog
  • MIT: How Are You?
  • Semantic Feature Analysis: Apple
  • Similarities and Differences
  • ORLA
  • Urgent/Important Matrix

Patient Portal & Mobile App

Revolutionize Treatment Outside Your Therapy Sessions with MedBridge GO

Inspire your patients to be active partners in their therapy. Our patient portal and mobile app are designed to be intuitive and simple to use, so patients and families can easily engage with their treatment programs.

Easily access therapy education and exercises anytime, anywhere

Improve treatment success with easy-to-follow exercises in achievable daily doses

Help patients achieve lasting outcomes with gamification techniques such as daily reminders, streaks, and positive reinforcements that incentivize progress

The All-in-One Solution

Provide an exceptional patient experience and keep patients, families, and caregivers engaged in care

Inspire your patients to be active partners in their care. See how it works!

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