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Stroke Resources for Providers, Patients, and Caregivers

Advance your skills with over 30 stroke rehabilitation courses and help patients and caregivers become active participants in their recovery with 300+ home exercises and educational resources.

Exceptional Care Begins with Exceptional Training


AOTA-Accredited Courses

Explore our library of high-quality, video-based CE courses. Transcripts are delivered to the appropriate reporting agency upon request.


Focus on Patient Outcomes

Learn the latest evidence-based strategies for assessment and treatment so you can provide the best care to your patients.



Learn when it's convenient for you. Course process syncs between devices, so you can start, stop, and resume to fit your schedule.


Innovative Instructors

We worked with industry experts to develop the most practical and informative stroke rehabilitation course offerings.

Featured Courses

Recommended Exercises for Stroke Rehabilitation

Choose from 100+ stroke-rehabilitation exercises to create a customized home program for your clients. Exercises are available for every motor learning level.

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Seated Knee Extension AROM

Stride Stance Weight Shift

Seated Gaze Stabilization
with Head Nod

Improve lives.

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