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Bill Wong


Bill Wong has been an occupational therapist in California since 2012. Currently, Bill is a faculty member at Stanbridge University. He is also a co-facilitator for the AOTA Autism Community of Practice group. Bill was diagnosed as autistic in 2010, and he found a passion to support other autistic occupational therapy students and practitioners after he reflected upon his own journey as an occupational therapy student. Bill is also the only occupational therapy student or practitioner who has spoken at more than one TEDx event. Bill is passionate about autism research in adulthood and older adulthood.

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Supporting a Diverse Future Healthcare Workforce

Presented by Bill Wong, OTD, OTR/L

Supporting a Diverse Future Healthcare Workforce

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Video Runtime: 43 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 18 Minutes

Given that holistic admissions and holistic review are increasingly adopted in healthcare professional programs, there will be more future health professionals from diverse backgrounds entering the healthcare workforce. However, getting these students to enroll in healthcare professional programs is only the first step before they become licensed healthcare professionals. Their experiences in clinical workplaces can easily play a role in whether they will continue their journeys as healthcare professionals and/or impact their future decisions when they eventually enter the healthcare workforce. After all, clinical rotations are vital components for all healthcare professional students to gain valuable clinical experiences before they become licensed professionals. Each of us should do what we can for all healthcare professional students, especially those from diverse backgrounds, to ensure they have safe workplace environments to develop their clinical skills.

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