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Juan Michelle Martin


Dr. Juan Michelle Martin, PT, DPT, is a licensed physical therapist and the owner of JMM Health Solutions, a concierge pelvic health practice in the Atlanta metro area, where she brings over 13 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist. A former international volleyball player, her career in healthcare began as an athletic trainer, guiding athletes in their recovery from injury and transition back to playing at New York Institute of Technology, where she also graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Martin has worked with thousands of patients in her career, with a focus on providing holistic and comprehensive pelvic healthcare, and began transitioning to virtual services approximately six to seven years ago as an added benefit for clients. After she noticed its immense benefit, telehealth became a mainstay in her practice, and it was the foundation of JMM Health Solutions.

Dr. Martin is a mentor to other healthcare professionals, both clinically and in business, and she is the curator of the Zero to Telehealth coaching program, where she has helped hundreds of professionals implement telehealth in their practice, including therapists, physicians, nurses, and chiropractors. She has shared her expertise in many domains, including industry events such as the APTA's Private Practice Section conference, university guest lectures, national and international talks, workshops, and webinars geared towards clinicians. She has served as a member of the Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center (SETRC) telehealth task force since 2019 to assist in language regarding telehealth/telemedicine as well as implementation of telehealth in a variety of medical and allied healthcare practices within the region and beyond.

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Telehealth for Pelvic Health: Creating Accessibility

Presented by Juan Michelle Martin, PT, DPT

Telehealth for Pelvic Health: Creating Accessibility

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Video Runtime: 84 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 22 Minutes

Telehealth is not a new concept, but for better or for worse, it has become a part of our healthcare system and is now widely accepted as a part of standard care. This course will examine how to best utilize telehealth within clinical care for pelvic floor populations, identifying specifically how to break down the evaluation process. We will also identify key objective data points and demonstrate how to assess and then create a plan of care that can be continued via the virtual format for your clients.

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Marketing Your Telehealth Practice in the Digital World

Presented by Juan Michelle Martin, PT, DPT

Marketing Your Telehealth Practice in the Digital World

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Video Runtime: 74 Minutes

As telehealth becomes more popular, so too does the need to ensure that we can continue to attract more clients using telehealth. This course will identify the use of webinars for client attraction, primarily for telehealth but also for overall visibility of your practice. Additionally, we will identify key points of an engaging webinar to not only educate potential clients but ensure a successful client attraction system.

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