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Pamela E. Toto


Pamela Toto is an occupational therapist and is an assistant professor of occupational therapy and the program director of the Clinical Science Doctorate in Occupational Therapy program at the University of Pittsburgh. She is board certified in gerontology and is a fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). In 2016, she received the AOTA Award of Recognition for her efforts in community-based practice to promote aging in place. Dr. Toto has more than 26 years of clinical rehabilitation experience as an occupational therapist, providing services to older adults as a clinician, manager, consultant, and educator in the community and in long-term care settings. She has extensive experience in developing and managing occupational therapy intervention programs and has been invited to share this knowledge throughout the United States.

Dr. Toto's research program focuses on the development of client-centered interventions to promote independence, participation, and healthy aging in older adults. She has completed research examining the impact of a best-practice physical activity program using activity-based goals on ADL performance in older adults, investigating the use of environmental supports to enhance function in community-dwelling older adults, and exploring the feasibility of client-centered goal setting with medically complex older adults in primary care. Dr. Toto has also collaborated on research investigating the use of passive sensor systems to monitor functional performance in older adults. Dr. Toto's most current research explores the impact of a compensatory intervention using goal attainment scaling with frail older adults transitioning to home following inpatient rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility.

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Advancing Your Skills to Promote Aging in Place

Presented by Pamela E. Toto, PhD, OTR/L, BCG, FAOTA, FGSA

Advancing Your Skills to Promote Aging in Place

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Video Runtime: 47 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 37 Minutes

Aging in place is a preferred goal and outcome for older adults, health systems, and insurances. Due to changing trends in longevity, demographics, cost, and workforce availability, traditional approaches to aging in place cannot meet current and future needs. Through interventions that target the person-environment-occupation fit, occupational therapy offers a distinct approach that maximizes independence and safety for successful aging in place. Occupational therapy practitioners in all settings can increase their distinct value and role in promoting aging in place by understanding the common personal and environmental factors that pose as facilitators and barriers to aging in place. This course will help practitioners understand how to apply existing foundational knowledge of the person-environment-occupation fit to an evolving model of successful aging.

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Preventing and Delaying ADL/IADL Disability in Older Adults

Presented by Pamela E. Toto, PhD, OTR/L, BCG, FAOTA, FGSA

Preventing and Delaying ADL/IADL Disability in Older Adults

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Video Runtime: 53 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 38 Minutes

Difficulty or inability to complete daily activities in older adults leads to adverse outcomes, including injury, institutionalization, and even death. Changing trends in demographics, healthcare costs, and improved community resources offer older adults greater opportunities to maximize their independence and safety, thereby preventing or delaying the onset of disability. Understanding of facilitators and barriers for a preventive approach in skilled service delivery can position occupational therapy practitioners (OTPs) to be essential in current and new models of service delivery for this population. OTPs in all settings can increase their distinct value by strengthening their preventive approach skills to address difficulties in daily activities with older adult clients. This course will provide OTPs with evidence-based assessments, resources, and key strategies to effectively prevent and delay disability in their older adult clients.

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