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Manual Therapy Techniques

Body Regions

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  • Elbow Flexion with Distraction
  • Elbow MWM
  • Radial Head A-P Mobilization
  • Radial Head Extension Thrust Manipulation
  • Radial Head P-A Mobilization
  • Varus Thrust Manipulation


  • A-P GH Mobilization (High Grade)
  • A-P GH Mobilization (Low Grade)
  • AC A-P Mobilization
  • AC Caudal Mobilization
  • Caudal Glide in Abduction
  • Caudal Glide in Flexion
  • Clavicle Rotation
  • FABER Posterior-Anterior Mobilization
  • GH External Rotation
  • GH Horizontal Adduction
  • GH Internal Rotation
  • Longitudinal Distraction
  • P-A GH Mobilization
  • Scapular Elevation-Depression
  • Scapular Protraction-Retraction
  • Translational Glenohumeral Mobilization


  • Carpal-Metacarpal (CMC) Glides - Flexion and Extension
  • Distal Radioulnar Joint (DRUJ) Posterior to Anterior and Anterior to Posterior Mobilization
  • Distal Radioulnar Joint (DRUJ) Pronation
  • Distal Radioulnar Joint (DRUJ) Supination
  • Extensor Pollicis Brevis / Abductor Pollicis Longus Longitudinal Stretch
  • Intercarpal Anterior-Posterior and Posterior-Anterior Mobilization
  • Intercarpal Horizontal Flexion
  • Radial Deviation
  • Radiocarpal Anterior to Posterior Mobilization
  • Radiocarpal Lateral Transverse Glide
  • Radiocarpal Medial Transverse Glide
  • Radiocarpal Posterior to Anterior Mobilization
  • Ulnar Deviation
  • Wrist / Scaphoid Extension Thrust Manipulation
  • Wrist Extension Mobilization
  • Wrist Flexion Mobilization


  • Unilateral P-A for C2-C7
  • Anterior Scalene Stretch
  • Atlantoaxial Contract-Relax
  • C1 P-A Mobilization
  • Central P-A for C2-C7
  • Cervical Flexion-Opening Thrust
  • Cervical Sideglide Mobilization
  • General Cervical Rotation
  • Local Cervical Rotation
  • O-A Flexion Contract-Relax
  • O-A Flexion Mobilization
  • Occipito-Atlantal Distraction
  • Sternocleidomastoid Manual Stretch
  • Suboccipital Manual Stretch
  • Upper Trapezius Manual Stretch


  • Lumbar Neutral Gap
  • Extension Manipulation (Sidelying)
  • Flexion Manipulation (Sidelying)
  • Lumbar Rotation (High Grade)
  • Lumbar Sidebend Mobilization
  • Lumbar Sidebend Translation Thrust
  • Supine Lumbopelvic Manipulation
  • Thoraco-Lumbar Junction Manipulation
  • Vertebral P-A (Unilateral/Central)


  • P-A Vertebral Mobilization
  • Supine Rib Thrust Manipulation
  • Thoracic Opening Thrust (General)
  • 1st Rib Thrust Manipulation
  • Cervico-Thoracic Junction Thrust Sitting
  • Cervico-Thoracic Junction Thrust Supine
  • CervicoThoracic Sidebend-Rotation Thrust
  • Mid Thoracic Thrust Sitting
  • Rotational P-A
  • Thoracic Extension Thrust Manipulation
  • Thoracic Opening Thrust (Localized)
  • Transverse Glides


  • Ankle Dorsiflexion
  • Ankle Inversion - Eversion
  • Distal Tibiofibular Superior Glide
  • Subtalar Medial-Lateral Glides
  • Ankle Distraction Manipulation
  • Ankle Dorsiflexion MWM
  • Cuboid Manipulation Prone
  • Cuboid Manipulation Supine
  • Cuneiform Manipulation
  • Distal Tibiofibular A-P
  • Distal Tibiofibular A-P/P-A
  • Distal Tibiofibular P-A Prone
  • Distal Tibiofibular P-A Prone - ALT
  • Metatarsal Fan Mobilization
  • Navicular A-P Thrust
  • Subtalar Eversion Manipulation
  • Subtalar Eversion Whip
  • Supine Talocrural A-P
  • Talocrural P-A (knee extended)
  • Talocrural P-A (knee flexed)
  • Talocrural Prone A-P
  • Tarsometatarsal Mobilization


  • Hip Flexor Manual Stretch
  • A-P in Hip Adduction
  • External Rotation Caudal Glide
  • Hip Abduction Caudal Glide (2-person)
  • Hip Abduction with Caudal Glide
  • Internal Rotation Lateral Glide
  • Internal Rotation in Extension
  • Lateral Glide in Hip Flexion
  • Long Axis Distraction
  • Manual Piriformis Stretch
  • P-A in FABER
  • P-A in Hip Extension


  • Knee Extension Supine - High Amplitude
  • Knee Flexion Supine - High Grade
  • Knee Extension Supine - Low Amplitude
  • Knee Flexion Prone
  • Knee Flexion Supine ALT - High Grade
  • Patellofemoral Caudal Flexion (MWM)
  • Patellofemoral Caudal-Cephalad Glide
  • Patellofemoral Medial-Lateral Glide
  • Patellofemoral Rotations
  • Proximal Tibiofibular A-P
  • Proximal Tibiofibular P-A
  • Proximal Tibiofibular Thrust Manipulation
  • Tibiofemoral Internal Rotation (Hook-lying)
  • Tibiofemoral Internal-External Rotation
  • Tibiofemoral P-A
  • Tibiofemoral Translational Glide

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