Raise Your Voice: Oppose the 2021 9% Rate Cut for Therapy

CMS Cuts

A devastating 9% cut is coming to therapy providers billing Medicare Part B starting on January 1, 2021. The cut has been finalized and is coming—unless Congress acts before the new year to prevent implementation.

APTA, APTQI, AOTA, and ASHA stand in unison in their opposition of the 2021 cuts to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. MedBridge stands with them and supports the therapy community in opposition of the rate cut. Providers who have not already done so are encouraged to use the links below to submit comments to the rule. The deadline for doing so is October 5th.

After you have submitted comments, don’t stop there. Contact your senators and representatives, send a message, write a letter, or tweet at your elected officials. They need to hear from the therapy community now. We all must raise our voices in opposition to this cut and prevent the negative effect it will have on patients, access to services, and therapy providers.

Harm to Providers & Patients

A 9 percent cut to therapy reimbursement undervalues the contribution therapy providers make and ignores the growing body of research that describes the positive impact therapy services have on outcomes. But the real harm is to Medicare beneficiaries—a cut this severe could reduce access and cause clinics to close, just as providers are struggling to recover and connect with their patients.

Now is the time to discuss the issue with your patients as well as your colleagues to make sure everyone understands what is happening and is empowered to raise their voice against this cut. Patients are encouraged to contact their elected officials on the issue and submit comments online. The APTA has put out this helpful sign you can post in your clinic that speaks to the issue in a clear manner. Consider making this available in your facility to raise awareness among your patients.

APTA template letter to Congress

ASHA petition to ask congress to stop payment cuts for Medicare services (deadline Oct. 1)

AOTA action page

APTQI advocacy pages:


Senate.gov: Contact your senator
House.gov: Contact your representative