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Employee First Culture and the Changing Workforce

presented by Linda M. Shell, DNP, MA, BSN, RN, DNS-CT

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One of the impending challenges facing health care providers today is the need for quality staff. Increased regulations, decreased funding, smaller pools of employees for hire, and expanding job opportunities have had a significant impact on recruitment, retention, and employee satisfaction. Over the last few years, person-centered care models have gained a strong foothold in health care organizations. How about the development of a culture focused on employees first? The research suggests that a positive working environment is a key component of employee satisfaction. Employee first culture does not mean that patient care is not important, but rather that the focus on the well-being of employees first allows the staff to naturally put more emphasis on the well-being of patients. This course is for health care professionals in all settings and will discuss the emerging trend of employee first culture, key characteristics of an employee first culture, examples of how non-health care providers have implemented it with success, and potential barriers to success.

Meet Your Instructor

Linda M. Shell, DNP, MA, BSN, RN, DNS-CT

Dr. Linda Shell is an advanced practice nurse, consultant, and educator with a passion for developing leaders, delivering quality care, and challenging the status quo of long-term care. As principal of, she collaborates with organizations across the country on education, leadership development, post-COVID recovery, workforce challenges, dementia programming, and sleep improvement. Dr. Shell currently…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. What Is an Employee First Culture?

This chapter will describe an employee first culture and the rationale for implementation in a health care setting. It will also compare and contrast it to a traditional person-centered model.

2. Making the Case for Employee First Culture

This chapter will discuss the dynamics of the workforce today and why new approaches are needed to improve the working environment. Positive outcomes that can be achieved through implementation of an employee first culture are also described.

3. Characteristics of an Employee First Culture

This chapter will discuss the key components of an employee first culture and why they are important for organizational success. Strategies for getting started on this innovative model will also be presented.

4. Example of Employee First Culture in Action

It has often been said that the best ideas for solving the issues of health care will come from outside the field. This chapter will present three non-health care organizations that have successfully implemented an employee first culture. Recommendations will be identified for overcoming common obstacles to success.

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