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Increasing Patient Retention With MedBridge

presented by Craig Phifer, PT, MHA and MedBridge Team

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Financial: Craig Phifer is the owner/CEO of Rehabilitation and Performance Institute and the owner/business coach with Private Practice Rebellion. He receives compensation from MedBridge for this course. There is no financial interest beyond the production of this course.

Nonfinancial: Craig Phifer is an assistant managing editor for Impact Magazine and lecturer at the University of Evansville. He has no competing nonfinancial interests or relationships with regard to the content presented in this course.

Satisfactory completion requirements: All disciplines must complete learning assessments to be awarded credit, no minimum score required unless otherwise specified within the course.

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Runtime: 29 Minutes

When patients drop off and don't complete their episodes of care, their outcomes suffer and our clinics lose potential revenue. To help you retain more patients, MedBridge has partnered with Craig Phifer, PT, MHA, in creating a series of courses to help your staff develop the skills needed to reduce patient drop-off and improve care outcomes. This course, designed for managers and leaders, will walk you through all the necessary steps to running a successful program to improve patient communication skills and increase patient retention.

Meet Your Instructors

Craig Phifer, PT, MHA

Craig is an owner and the CEO of Rehabilitation & Performance Institute, a private practice with offices in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Craig believes that high-quality personalized care, professional flexibility, and profits can all exist together. He recognizes this approach empowers both therapists and patients. Craig serves as the assistant managing editor of Impact Magazine…

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MedBridge Team,

Combining powerful digital patient care tools with the highest quality education, MedBridge is committed to making healthcare better for both providers and patients. Organizations across the care continuum use MedBridge to provide an enriched, digitally enabled experience that engages patients while streamlining and simplifying care. Designed with over a decade of insight from more than…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

1. Introduction

In this section, we’ll provide you with access to all the course materials and provide some basic information about who should be involved in this program, what their responsibilities are, and a recommended plan for assigning this content to your staff.

2. Managing for Change

In this chapter, we’ll review strategies for managing your team as they change their behavior. You’ll find tips for getting buy-in, setting goals, and more.

3. Change Reinforcement

An important part of any change initiative is reinforcement. To make sure your team retains this information beyond the initial training, in this section, we’ll provide resources for reinforcing the material.

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