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MedBridge and Casamba Integration Improves Efficiency and Patient Engagement at Kepros

5 minute

savings per clinician per patient1


of Kepros clinicians reported MedBridge HEP has helped improve their patient adherence, satisfaction, and outcomes.


savings per clinician2

Client Challenge

Kepros strives to deliver the best possible experience for their patients. Before integrating MedBridge with Casamba's TherapySource, the increased administrative burden placed on clinicians meant that they had to spend more time on their computers and less time one on one with their patients.

Kepros was looking for a solution to increase clinician-patient face-time while improving patient adherence, satisfaction, and, ultimately, outcomes.

Kepros at a Glance

Founded in 2013
Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
MedBridge Partner Since 2016
Multi-Location Network

MedBridge Solution

By integrating the MedBridge Patient Engagement Suite with Casamba's Therapy Source, Kepros was able to:

  • Save time building, assigning, and documenting programs
  • Deliver better care and improve patient satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance with documentation of exercise programs
  • Improve patient activation, adherence, and outcomes
  • Improve utilization and ease of use of the Home Exercise Program
  • Increase clinician one on one time with patients


Time Savings and Increased Utilization

As a result of integrating the MedBridge Patient Engagement Suite with Casamba's TherapySource, Kepros was able to reduce the amount of time spent developing each home exercise program by five minutes. Kepros also increased HEP utilization by more than 400%, creating over 17,506 home exercise programs to date.

86% of clinicians believe the MedBridge and Casamba integration allows them to process home exercise programs more efficiently and spend more time with patients.

Improved Patient Experience

In partnership with MedBridge and Casamba, Kepros has succeeded in providing a better patient experience by focusing nearly 1,500 more hours towards providing direct patient care.

100% of Kepros clinicians reported MedBridge HEP has helped improve their patient adherence, satisfaction, and outcomes.

72% of clinicians believe it has also directly improved their patient loyalty.

Kepros Clinician Feedback

“I love that MedBridge has linked into our documentation system. It makes my life easier when I go to create my patient’s home program and it automatically gets saved into their attachments. I can then quickly click to see what their current HEP is while I have their note open... very valuable information and saves me time!”

“I really enjoy the immediate access to every exercise I need to prescribe to my patients. It’s very helpful to build the patient’s home program with him/her next to the screen to review and educate in real time.”

“I like MedBridge because of the ease of use and how it augments the patient home exercise experience. It also syncs with our EMR, which eliminates many time-consuming steps when developing a program for a patient.”

Kepros Patient Feedback

“This is by far the best experience I have ever had in getting better from an injury... [With MedBridge], I could go back and log into the site to show me step-by-step how to complete the exercise I needed for my injury to heal the fastest and healthiest way possible... I have never had an experience like this with any other physical therapist!”

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  1. Five minute time savings was reported by clinicians using the EMR integration.
  2. The dollar value was calculated using an average reimbursement rate of $70/visit.

Integrated digital patient engagement tools using the MedBridge EHR Integration Solution, saving valuable clinician time and improving utilization.

EHR Integration

Deepened connection and rapport with patients via the MedBridge Patient Experience Solution, leading to greater patient adherence and engagement.

Patient Experience Solution

Implemented engaging, video-based home exercises with MedBridge Home Exercise Program, improving patient satisfaction, engagement, and adherence.

Home Exercise Program

About Kepros Physical Therapy

Kepros Physical Therapy & Performance was founded in September 2013 in Mt. Vernon, IA, moved to Cedar Rapids in September 2014, and expanded into Marion in 2015. The company was founded on three primary principles: integrity in regard to the care we provide, relationships in our community, and fiscal responsibility for ourselves and our clients.

About Casamba, Inc.

Casamba develops and delivers healthcare management software solutions. From scheduling to documentation at the point of care, EMR to analytics, payroll to billing and collections, Casamba's Smart, TherapySource, and HealthWyse software and services maximize the business and clinical potential of therapy providers across the entire continuum of care. Our suite of solutions supports providers in contract therapy, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and home health and hospice care settings.

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