MedBridge Streamlines Patient Engagement Workflows with Epic EMR Integration

Organizations can now use MedBridge integration with their Epic software, improving workflow efficiency and boosting Home Program utilization.

MedBridge, an industry-leading platform offering high-quality continuing education and patient engagement solutions, announces its secure integration with Epic. The seamless interoperability improves workflow efficiency for MedBridge clients.

Users can now easily access MedBridge’s customizable patient engagement resources, including video-based patient education and Home Exercise Programs (HEPs). Healthcare professionals can quickly create and assign programs, and easily document in the EMR, without interrupting their workflow. The simple documentation feature allows organizations to quickly collect and record accurate patient information, saving time and promoting efficiency in care coordination. In fact, MedBridge users already on an EMR integration assign 60% percent more Patient Education and Home Exercise Programs, increasing the likelihood of better outcomes.1

“The dynamic patient creation with this integration is not only a time saver but insurance of consistent patient records across multiple systems,” said Jason Jones, Chief Technology Officer at OrthoVirginia. “This gives our staff the ability to access data for patients across systems more efficiently and effectively, which is a critical component to patient care.”

“Integrating MedBridge with Epic enables many healthcare organizations to improve workflow efficiency,” said Leigh Wager, Director of Product Management at MedBridge. “We know that time spent with patients is extremely critical to achieving the best possible outcome. This integration gives healthcare professionals just that — more time with patients that can greatly improve their lives and outcomes.”

Looking ahead, MedBridge will soon begin tracking and reporting on adherence and outcome data to close the loop between clinician education and patient engagement. These insights will enable clients to approach care improvements via a data-driven approach within their EMR, and position MedBridge as an essential partner to healthcare organizations.

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1. Based on exercise programs created per license with access to HEP over the past year