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Because OASIS-E is a complex tool with numerous rules and processes to remember, many home health clinicians find OASIS-E cheat sheets helpful in navigating it. With that in mind, we’ve created a convenient start-of-care cheat sheet that nurses can easily download and use as a reference to help them remember important assessment details as they begin caring for a patient.

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Keep in mind, though, that especially as your clinicians move past the start of care, pen-and-paper-based cheat sheets can be inconvenient. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of transitioning to a digital cheat sheet for more complex OASIS-E guidance.

Why Move to a Digital OASIS-E Cheat Sheet?

When used regularly, OASIS-E cheat sheets can be cumbersome and difficult to keep track of. In addition, clinicians can come to rely on them too heavily at the expense of fully understanding OASIS-E best practices, which can lead to errors. And because they can’t be updated in real time, clinicians risk referring to outdated information. Many OASIS cheat sheets are also designed by different entities for different sections of the OASIS, creating additional administrative burden for agencies and clinicians trying to find comprehensive guidance.

So, what can agencies do to help clinicians access the information they need at the point of care without resorting to this outdated paper-based system? One effective solution is a digital cheat sheet: an integrated online hub for information designed to simplify and clarify OASIS-E, easily accessible when clinicians need it most.

Benefits of a Digital OASIS-E Cheat Sheet

A high-quality digital cheat sheet is much more than just a static piece of paper. Instead, it gives clinicians the ability to access a wide variety of up-to-date answers to questions they encounter in the moment. Let’s take a deeper look at some of these key benefits.

Updated Regularly

OASIS versions and guidelines change regularly, and staying in compliance with the evolving rules is essential. When clinicians use paper cheat sheets, they run the risk of referring to outdated information and introducing documentation errors. Because digital OASIS cheat sheets can be updated as OASIS changes, they are a much more reliable source of information.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Digital OASIS cheat sheets provide integrated, comprehensive information on coding best practices and guidelines, and they are also easily accessible and searchable.

Clinicians might not always know what questions will arise in the moment, and while it’s difficult to have a paper cheat sheet on hand to answer every question, it’s easier to pick up a tablet and enter a search term that will pull up the right answer. This format allows clinicians to get just the answers and guidance they need anytime during a daily shift, even from the car in a patient’s driveway.

Available in Multiple Formats

Unlike a paper checklist, a comprehensive digital OASIS cheat sheet gives clinicians the option of finding quick answers to individual questions in the moment or taking a deeper dive into specific topics or sections of the OASIS to gain a more thorough understanding of coding rationale and best practices. Clinicians also have greater flexibility in terms of how they access this information, whether from a mobile device, a tablet, a laptop, or a printout.

MedBridge: A Digital OASIS Cheat Sheet

MedBridge offers a vast library of expert-generated insights, guidance, and best practices to help clinicians get the information and answers they need to accurately code OASIS-E.

Quick Answers

OASIS-E Quick Guide to PDGM and HHVBP Items
This expert-led course is a quick guide focused on the items that directly relate to PDGM and HHVBP. Each text article provides information on how to collect and apply information on a specific item.

OASIS-E Microlearning Booster Courses help your staff stay up to speed with key items that impact payment and quality scores.

Deeper Dives

Full-Length Courses
Improve accuracy and boost reimbursement with complete OASIS-E education, including effective onboarding, a new items course, and expert-led refresher courses to reinforce learning and remediate errors.

OASIS-E Best Practices Course Series
This new course series is focused on best practices for improving OASIS problem areas. It includes three podcast-format courses featuring candid perspectives of OASIS-auditors and industry experts, as well as real-life patient scenarios, quizzes for putting knowledge into practice, and more.

Candid Conversations About OASIS-E: Assessing Function
Candid Conversations About OASIS-E: Wounds
Candid Conversations About OASIS-E: Medications
OASIS-E: Putting Knowledge Into Practice— Focus on Function

MedBridge Cheat Sheets for Other Home Health Skills

NEW! Home Health Clinical Procedure Manual
Our new Clinical Procedure Manual is a tablet-ready reference tool, part of our home health software solution, that enables nurses to quickly find high-quality procedure instructions, demonstrations, and tips, all certified and reviewed every two years. With the ability to access the guidance they need from anywhere—even a patient’s driveway—home health nurses can be confident in performing simple and complex procedures for all types of patients.