MedBridge and Casamba Partner to Provide Seamless EMR Data Integration

One-click patient engagement resources will save clients over $4,500 per clinician per year1

SEATTLE – MedBridge, an industry leader in continuing education and patient engagement, announces their integration with Casamba, the nation’s leading provider of specialized software and billing services to post-acute therapy providers. The interoperability allows Casamba TherapySource clients to access MedBridge’s customizable patient engagement resources with a single click from within the EMR.

Access to MedBridge’s patient engagement tools directly from TherapySource, a Casamba practice management solution for outpatient therapy clinics, increases efficiency in the clinic and enhances the patient experience. This integration saves clinicians up to 2 minutes per patient. Without having to log in to separate systems, providers can quickly create and edit home exercise programs (HEPs) and document in the EMR, with no interruption to their workflow.

Clinicians can then easily share the program with their patients via print, email, or text message. Patients are able to access their programs through their patient portal, app, or handouts. Organizations and clinicians can track patient adherence and better direct patient care, all of which improve compliance, and save time and money.

Patient engagement and satisfaction, as well as clinician efficiency, play increasingly important roles in helping organizations reach their financial goals. MedBridge provides solutions that not only address these needs but also optimize organization-level outcomes and consistency of care.

“The streamlined integration between the MedBridge platform and TherapySource gives our customers increased efficiency and a simple, yet powerful, way to improve patient compliance,” commented Kim Rushton, director of product management for Casamba. “This expanded partnership aligns with the mission of both of our companies – to support providers with connected, smart solutions that allow them to focus on delivering the highest level of patient care.”

TherapySource and MedBridge are deepening their integration as they continue to launch new products, such as MedBridge Connect, a comprehensive patient relationship management platform. MedBridge Connect will further enhance workflow and allow TherapySource users to customize patient outreach, reminders, and reporting. As a result, clients should see increased lead generation, reduced rates of self-discharge, boosted social media ratings, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

“MedBridge’s seamless integration with TherapySource equips clinicians and organizations with powerful tools to optimize workflows and further advance patient-centered care,” announced Justin Kowalchuk, MedBridge founder and CEO. “As a strategic partner to healthcare organizations, our interoperability is fundamental to improved outcomes and reduced costs. We are very excited to be collaborating with Casamba.”

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About Casamba

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA, Casamba is the leading supplier of enterprise software systems to therapy providers in the United States. Through its cloud-based platform, Casamba provides comprehensive clinical therapy documentation, scheduling, practice management, and billing automation solutions for healthcare organizations in the post-acute space. Casamba serves more than 10,000 skilled nursing, outpatient and home health locations, partnering with leading healthcare providers to serve patients on a national scale.

1. Two-minute time savings was reported by clients using the EMR integration. The dollar value was calculated using an average reimbursement rate of $70 and 8 patients/day for a year period.