The Resiliency of Healthcare Professionals: A Word from MedBridge CEO Justin Kowalchuk on COVID-19

During this difficult and unprecedented time, we are all finding ourselves in the position of adjusting to a new reality that seems to change by the hour. While I know firsthand the incredible, positive impact that rehabilitation providers have on lives, I also realize that providers are now facing a real challenge of serving those patients who are most at risk during this time.

I founded MedBridge in 2009 after spending a year working with my sister, a physical therapist, at her small private practice clinic in Seattle. During this time, I learned the joy and deep sense of accomplishment associated with this amazing profession. Over the past 11 years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to personally work with numerous rehab professionals across the country, spanning settings, disciplines, and specializations. Throughout all of these interactions, one observation has been abundantly clear: Healthcare professionals are incredibly resilient.

Healthcare organizations and professionals across settings are now being confronted with equally difficult challenges. With social distancing protocols and the many new obstacles that continue to arise, organizations are facing difficulty in maintaining continuity of care. Additionally, providers are suddenly struggling to maintain the viability of their businesses while determining the best means to keep their patients and employees safe.

As part of our commitment to the shared mission of improving lives, we are launching a series of innovative solutions and free resources to help you keep your doors open, reduce anxieties, ensure safety, and above all, deliver effective patient care, whether remotely or in-person. These solutions include our new COVID-19 Toolkit, free online infection prevention courses, and our Telehealth Virtual Visits offering. Additionally, to support our upcoming generation of healthcare professionals with limited financial resources, we are rolling out new programs for faculty and their students to ease the transition to remote learning.

The team at MedBridge is committed to doing our best to support you, your patients, and your community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are here to help keep you prepared with innovative solutions for remote care, education and training, and to help you adjust to a new business paradigm.

As this critical situation continues to unfold, please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you. We entered this crisis together, and we will get through it together. From all of us at MedBridge, we remain committed to supporting you, to believing in you, and to the shared mission of improving the lives of patients.

Thank you,
Justin Kowalchuk
MedBridge CEO and Founder