Maxwell Healthcare Associates Partners with MedBridge

New partnership allows a nationwide home health and hospice consultancy to leverage leading-edge performance improvement training and hospice education for its customers.

Maxwell Healthcare Associates, a Minnesota-based consulting firm focused on helping home health and hospice providers optimize their operational, technological, regulatory, clinical, and financial processes, is partnering with MedBridge to deliver industry-leading education and training content to its clients.

The home health and hospice industry continues to grow rapidly, challenging agencies to quickly and effectively onboard and upskill clinicians. Through the partnership with MedBridge, Maxwell will be able to better help its customers deepen employee expertise, accelerate productivity, improve staff engagement and retention, and drive improved outcomes and quality ratings with effective onboarding, targeted training, and advanced certificates.

In addition, MedBridge and Maxwell will collaborate to create targeted patient care education content, building on MedBridge’s extensive, evidence-based home health patient education, so that Maxwell’s hospice clients can improve caregiver training and better serve patients and their families.

MedBridge is a leading provider of professional development and patient engagement solutions that allow healthcare organizations to significantly improve outcomes, quality of care, and margins by focusing on effective onboarding, evidence-based training, staff engagement to improve retention, and better patient management across the continuum of care.

“Our partnership with MedBridge will allow us to provide the expert compassionate educational content and evidence-based professional training our clients need to boost performance and productivity; build strong, resilient teams; and help caregivers and families effectively navigate the patient journey,” said Maxwell CEO and Founder Jennifer Maxwell.

MedBridge’s performance improvement training allows organizations to drive quality initiatives and better patient care by remediating skill gaps through more effective and scalable onboarding, ongoing targeted training, annual refresher courses, and flexible, performance-based microtraining. MedBridge patient education, developed by industry experts, helps improve engagement for patients and families throughout each episode of care.

“We see tremendous value in our organizations working together to offer greater capabilities to clients through effective, targeted education,” said MedBridge Chief Content Officer Andrew Mickus. “We share a common goal of improving performance, driving staff engagement and retention, elevating quality of care, and boosting clinical expertise for home health and hospice organizations, and we look forward to helping Maxwell clients benefit from this collaboration.”