Breaking News: Medicare Administrative Contractors Will Not Limit Coverage of RTM

Novitas has issued a statement that it will not issue a Local Coverage Determination (LCD) on remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) or remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) at this time. An LCD can be used to limit the usage of a CPT code and was a potential outcome of the Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting held in February. Instead, Novitas has issued the statement below: 

“Novitas and First Coast greatly appreciate the comments and evidence we received as a result of the multi-jurisdictional Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting that was held on February 28, 2023, regarding remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) for non-implantable devices. After careful consideration, Novitas Solutions and First Coast Service Options will not develop a LCD for RPM and RTM for non-implantable devices. All the information and feedback received, along with any new evidence that becomes available, will be carefully considered if we decide to develop an LCD in the future.”

For more information, review the APTA’s announcement on the update.

MedBridge will continue to monitor the issue for future developments. For additional resources and information around RTM, refer to our RTM Help Center.