5 Shortcuts to Save Time Building Home Exercise Programs

Research shows that increased patient-clinician face time leads to greater patient satisfaction.1 The number of patients you see per day and the time spent with them reverberates through to your clinic’s profitability and can affect your patient’s outcome, the perception of your clinic, and the likelihood of a return visit. Documentation is often a central barrier to making more time. However, when it comes to prescribing home exercise, MedBridge has you covered.

Here is a shortcut for each stage of home exercise program creation and implementation:

Creating the HEP

With smart searching, drag and drop functionality, and favorites, the builder makes finding a specific exercise and creating an exercise program easy. However, there is room for further efficiency within the development of a home program.

Shortcut #1: Templates

Templates are the perfect solution for treating common conditions and creating protocol exercise progressions within your organization/group. Once you create a template, easily locate it in your templates tab and drag it into your current patient’s program. Templates do not need to be one-size-fits-all as you can quickly and easily edit them appropriately to meet your patient’s individual needs.

If you have a MedBridge Enterprise Subscription, you can also securely share templates across the organization to help promote consistency of care and evidence-based practice across the organization.


Documenting the HEP

Too many tabs open and too many windows to sort through can add an unnecessary level of complexity to documenting and prescribing an HEP. In our digital age, an interoperable solution is essential.

Shortcut #2: EMR Integration

MedBridge HEP integrates with EMR systems to provide a streamlined workflow to spend more time with the patient and more easily advance and customize your patient’s HEP. EMR integration allows for clinician and patient single sign on, as well as easier documentation. On average, clinicians using MedBridge HEP with EMR integration save two minutes per patient and over $4,500 per clinician per year.2

Shortcut #3: Document Now Pop-up

If your EMR is not currently integrated with the MedBridge HEP Builder, have no fear. You can simply use the Document Now feature in the settings tab. Located next to the print button in the exercise builder, the Document button generates the access code, personalized URL, creation date, and a condensed text version of your HEP. Quickly copy and paste your HEP directly into your patient’s rehab note for easy documentation and recall.

Document Now

Sharing the HEP with Patients

To meet the needs of our clients’ diverse patient populations we designed our sharing functionality to have ultimate flexibility – print, text, email, or send HEPs through our new Patient App. No matter the medium, we know it’s essential to provide your patient’s “homework” in a friendly format with achievable dosage. That’s why 89% of users indicated MedBridge HEP have helped improve their patient adherence.3

Shortcut #4: MedBridge GO

MedBridge GO

MedBridge GO Patient Mobile App

Our new Patient Mobile App, MedBridge GO, revolutionizes the patient experience by presenting home exercises in easy-to-follow, achievable daily doses. Using mirror neuron learning techniques, the app displays the patient’s assigned program as interactive videos that guide patient behaviors and promote healthy progress.

Pro Tip: Increase adherence at home by downloading the app with the patient while in the clinic.

Shortcut #5: Reporting Tab

Monitoring adherence to HEP can be difficult but is an essential step in customizing each exercise program to optimize for a potential outcome. The reporting dashboard allows you to easily view the patient’s sign-in history to the patient portal.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.04.10 PM

Finding Time

Time spent with patients not only affects your bottom line but can also change a patient’s perspective of your service. Use these shortcuts to shave those valuable minutes off documentation and focus your time on providing exceptional patient care.

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