MedBridge Elevates Expertise in Physical Therapy Specialties with Expanding Certification Prep Program Suite

NCS Certification Prep Program users see successful 98 percent pass-rate for 2018 board exams one year after release

SEATTLE, WA – MedBridge, an industry-leading developer of clinical education and patient engagement software, continues its successful contribution to clinical excellence among physical therapists with its growing Certification Prep Program suite. Just one year after launching the Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS) Certification Prep Program, 98 percent of clinicians who studied with MedBridge prep materials passed the 2018 NCS board exam.

The NCS Prep Program was released in 2017 to help distinguish physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skill in neurologic practice. MedBridge prep materials helped over 20 percent of all NCS exam takers receive passing scores this year.

Overall this year, 93 percent of subscribers who studied with MedBridge Certification Prep Programs passed their board exams.* A majority (93 percent) of exam passers feel MedBridge Prep Programs contributed to their success, while a strong 96 percent of users noted that they would refer the programs to a colleague. Since launching the Certification Prep Programs in 2015, MedBridge has helped over 500 physical therapists become board certified.

MedBridge currently offers exam prep programs for Physical Therapists pursuing Orthopaedic Certified Specialization (OCS), Sport Certified Specialization (SCS), Neurologic Certified Specialization (NCS), and Geriatric Certified Specialization (GCS). In the fall of 2018, MedBridge will extend its high-quality Certification Prep Program offerings with the release of the Pediatric Certified Specialist (PCS) Prep Program. The program aligns with major knowledge, skills, and clinical practice areas of the Pediatrics Description of Specialty Practice.

“It is very rewarding to see how our programs continue to help clinicians advance their careers and acquire skills needed to improve quality of care and outcomes in their organization,” announced Andrew Mickus, Chief Content Officer at MedBridge. “We aim to provide an engaging learning experience with all of our prep programs and are excited to expand our offerings with the PCS program in the fall.”

MedBridge partners with industry experts to create these high-quality, self-guided prep programs. The programs are designed to help clinicians become experts in a specialty and elevate their quality of patient care, leading to improved outcomes that align with the MedBridge mission. The comprehensive packages include recommended readings, case studies, video-based courses, practice exam questions, and a strength analysis tracker to identify areas of strength and weakness.

All Certification Prep Programs are included in the annual MedBridge subscription, which also includes over 1,500 physical therapy courses spanning specialties and settings. To learn more on how MedBridge helps advance clinician careers and improve quality of patient care and outcomes, visit

*Board exams specializations in Sports (SCS), Neurology (NCS), Geriatrics (GCS), and Orthopedics (OCS)