MedBridge Transforms Patient Adherence Tracking

Person using MedBridge Patient Adherence Tracking on tablet

New Solution Empowers Healthcare Professionals with Dynamic Tools to Drive Patient Behavior and Improve Outcomes

Seattle, WA—MedBridge, the industry-leading continuing education and patient engagement solution for healthcare professionals, announces an integral new addition to its patient engagement platform—MedBridge Patient Adherence Tracking. Adequate adherence to Home Exercise Programs is one of the largest barriers to successful patient rehabilitation and recovery. Average non-adherence rates range from 56 to 70 percent amongst physical therapy patients. With Patient Adherence Tracking, MedBridge is partnering with providers across the continuum of care to address this issue head-on, by empowering healthcare professionals with the tools they need to accurately monitor patient program adherence, elicit feedback on a patient’s pain or difficulty constraints, and develop remediation strategies catered to each patient’s individual needs.

“Patient Adherence Tracking is set to be an essential tool for any healthcare organization that prioritizes patient-centered care,” says Leigh Wager, MedBridge’s director of product management. “Our solution creates a ‘map’ of patient behavior, allowing providers to quickly identify if a patient has been following their prescribed program and to dive deeper into individual data points for further insight. Patients accessing their program through our online Patient Portal or Mobile App are able to rate exercises on pain or difficulty level and leave specific feedback for their provider on why they may have skipped or struggled with particular exercises.”

By providing patients and caregivers with powerful communication tools that allow them to easily interact with their providers between visits, patients not only demonstrate higher exercise program adherence, but also are ultimately more satisfied with their care.

“When increased patient adherence and patient satisfaction are combined, the result is better patient care and improved clinical outcomes,” states MedBridge CEO Justin Kowalchuk. “Patients who are happy with their treatment are less likely to miss appointments or self-discharge, which in turn, lowers the risk of re-injury and rehospitalization, helping to support better outcomes without additional clinical costs.”

Patient Adherence Tracking expands upon MedBridge’s revolutionary HEP and Patient Education solution, which has already been demonstrated to increase HEP utilization rates, decrease no-shows, and boasts a 98 percent patient satisfaction rate. Soon, the company will add outcomes reporting to its ever-growing suite of educational solutions, effectively closing the system loop between clinical education, patient engagement, and administrative oversight.

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