Multi-Part Blog and Video Series: Leading Teams in Times of Crisis and Immense Change

crisis leadership

MedBridge Education, in collaboration with Dr. Linda Shell, MA, RN, is pleased to announce a multi-part series designed for leaders and managers of healthcare organizations.

During this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, it is essential that leaders and their teams come together with common purpose to lead effectively and support each other, their patients, and their patients’ families and communities.

Our multi-part series will focus on the most significant leadership elements of the present crisis and best practices for managing the overwhelming associated changes. Each post will include both written blog content and short videos you may use for personal development and for sharing with your teams.

We’ll update this page as posts are published.

Part 1: Controlling Your Story During Crisis

Part 2: Making and Communicating a Plan During Crisis

Part 3: 3 Ways to Elevate Your Leadership

Part 4: 4 Strategies to Inspire and Motivate

Part 5: Managing Rapid Change