3 Tips for Incorporating the MedBridge Home Exercise Program in Your Patient Visits

hep tips

This article is part of a series on getting the most benefit out of MedBridge HEP. Be sure to also read part one, 6 Methods for Making the Most of MedBridge HEP, and part two, 5 Ways to Make the Most of MedBridge Templates!

MedBridge’s Home Exercise Program is a powerful tool for improving patient adherence and outcomes. But for a busy provider seeing many patients throughout the day, creating programs electronically might feel like a time-consuming burden.

Fortunately, MedBridge’s HEP was created to actually save you time. On average, providers who use MedBridge HEP save two minutes per patient.1 Over the course of a day, this adds up quickly!

These tips will help you improve your efficiency with MedBridge’s HEP so you provide better care for your patients more quickly and set them up for success.

Before Your Patient Visit

Open your browser to MedBridge’s HEP builder. By opening the HEP builder prior to your patient’s arrival, you can save yourself valuable time during your treatment session. You’ll be ready to build your patient’s home exercise program right when you need to.

If your patient has previously received an HEP, open up their program to familiarize yourself with what was previously assigned. This will also make it easy for you to change, edit, and update your patient’s HEP without having to build a new program from scratch.

During Your Patient Visit

Add exercises and make changes to your patient’s program as you discuss them. You can speed up this process by adding the exercises you regularly assign to your “Favorites” library for easy search and recall.

When you’ve finished creating your patient’s HEP, select “Save Changes” and your patient’s program will automatically be updated.

Pro Tip! Have time at the end of your treatment session? Help your patient download the MedBridge GO app if they’re new to using MedBridge GO. After your patient has downloaded the app, help them log in to their home exercise program and walk them through it using the app. Best of all, with MedBridge GO, their program will automatically update if you make any changes after the patient leaves your facility.

After Your Patient Visit

Document your patient’s HEP into their EMR. Use the “Document” option to easily save your patient’s program to their EMR. Located next to the Print button in the exercise builder, the Document button generates the access code, personalized URL, and creation date as well as a condensed text version of your HEP. Quickly copy and paste your HEP directly into your patient’s rehab note for easy documentation and recall.

Pro Tip! Between patient visits, take a few moments to check off the following tasks. Doing so will greatly improve your efficiency when building programs for your patients:

These simple tips will help you easily incorporate MedBridge HEP into your workflow in no time, creating better experiences and better outcomes for your patients.

  1. Two minute time savings was reported by clients using the EMR integration. The dollar value was calculated using an average reimbursement rate of $70 and 8 patients/day for a year period.