Marsh Brook Rehab Expands Patient Care and Access with MedBridge’s Integrated Digital Patient Engagement Solution

Marsh Brook Press Release

The new Telehealth Virtual Visits option allows for uninterrupted care at every stage of treatment, providing patients a more immersive experience even when in-clinic visits are not possible.

Seattle, WA—The rehab department at Marsh Brook Rehab is now utilizing MedBridge’s Telehealth Virtual Visits solution, greatly improving access to high-quality care and engaging patients continuously during the COVID crisis and beyond.

MedBridge, an industry-leading online education and patient engagement solution, enables healthcare organizations to improve outcomes and optimize care delivery. The rehab team at Marsh Brook Rehab specializes in providing expert non-invasive and post-operative physical and occupational therapy.

“We’ve been relying on MedBridge to help us keep our patients engaged and participating actively in their treatment plans for several years now,” said David Quint of Marsh Brook Rehab. “We wanted to expand access to care now and in the future by providing our patients with more care options, and MedBridge Telehealth was an obvious choice. Telehealth Virtual Visits have helped us hit the ground running by seamlessly integrating with our existing products. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to continue engaging our patients who can’t visit in person. We’re currently seeing about 20-30 patients a day using telehealth.”

The MedBridge Digital Patient Engagement Suite is designed to help providers drive patient activation, engagement, and adherence to treatment plans. The powerful combination of thousands of video-based HEP and patient education resources with built-in adherence and pain/difficulty tracking gives providers valuable insight into how patients are engaging with their programs. Integrated communication tools, now including the new Telehealth solution, in conjunction with in-office visits, provide a seamless way for regular check-ins with patients to engage them through their treatment plan, preventing self-discharge. The integrated Telehealth solution enables providers to triage remotely, discuss treatment plans, live stream exercises, and provide real time guidance and feedback to patients through a high-quality, secure platform.

“Telehealth Virtual Visits offers the unique feature of being integrated with immersive, data-driven patient engagement products,” said Liam Mooney, Vice President of Operations at MedBridge. “We’re pleased to be providing solutions that help rehab professionals continue to provide outstanding care during this ongoing crisis and to be leading the charge when it comes to improving patient access to care in the future.”

About the Team at Marsh Brook Rehab
Marsh Brook Rehab is a regional leader in the delivery of outpatient rehabilitation services throughout the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire. Their team of experts specializes in comprehensive conservative and post-operative physical and occupational therapy. They work closely with orthopedic surgeons and neighboring medical practices to provide expert PT, OT, hand therapy, aquatic therapy, and sports performance care all under one roof. Combining evidence-based therapy protocols with sophisticated clinical outcomes data analysis, the clinic has become an integral partner in maximizing the health and well-being of people of all ages throughout the community.