Georgia Athletic Trainers’ Association Renews Strategic Partnership with MedBridge

Partnership allows for clinicians to enhance their skills and better serve athletes with access to a larger breadth of high-quality continuing education and athlete engagement resources.

Georgia Athletic Trainers’ Association (GATA) has extended its strategic partnership with MedBridge, an industry-leading provider of online professional development and patient engagement solutions. By helping members elevate outcomes and optimize care delivery, the partnership furthers the organizations’ shared mission of improving the quality of healthcare.

“MedBridge is a fantastic resource for athletic trainers that my staff uses to fulfill their clinical and educational responsibilities,” said GATA President Amos Mansfield. “MedBridge has a wide variety of continuing education programs as well as certification programs. Clinicians appreciate the ability to create rehabilitation programs for patients and the huge exercise database that allows them to give patients a variety of exercises. Clinicians can email or text a home exercise program to a patient so they have it at their fingertips.”

With access to MedBridge, GATA clinicians are better prepared to get their athletes back to sport sooner and able to play at their highest level. Clinicians can select from continuing education courses on a wide variety of topics such as clinical evaluation and diagnosis, injury prevention, immediate and emergency care, and treatment and rehabilitation. As the largest provider of online EBP courses, MedBridge offers over 500 BOC-accredited courses, including over 95 hours of EBP.

In addition to BOC CEUs, MedBridge offers effective, engaging athlete engagement resources, including home exercise programs, a mobile app, and athlete education. MedBridge’s Home Exercise Program (HEP) helps clinicians save time by making programs easy to build while giving athletes the tools they need to stay disciplined and recover faster. It includes thousands of video-based exercises vetted by industry professionals and pre-built templates for common conditions. MedBridge GO, the patient mobile app, allows athletes to more easily access their exercise programs on the go. And MedBridge athlete education resources help athletes understand their injury or condition and its impact on their performance. Handouts and videos cover a wide range of subject matter, from orthopedic topics like ACL and rotator cuff tears to sport-specific injury prevention.

“From the beginning, MedBridge has partnered with and supported athletic trainers in their mission to help athletes reach their full potential,” said MedBridge Chief Content Officer Andrew Mickus. “We’re pleased to have the opportunity to continue doing so through our ongoing collaboration with GATA.”

Both GATA and MedBridge look forward to continuing this rewarding partnership, which has resulted in positive outcomes for GATA members and the athletes they treat.