MedBridge Announces New Hospice Solution for Improving Staff Retention and Quality of Care

Seattle-based healthcare technology company launches a full-featured solution that helps hospice organizations achieve their most important objectives.

Seattle, WA – MedBridge, the industry-leading online education and patient engagement solution announced today that it has released a new comprehensive solution that enables hospice organizations to improve quality of care and staff retention.

As hospice organizations confront staffing shortages amid rising demand, many are hiring nurses who may be new to hospice and need to be brought up to speed quickly without risking care quality or the compliance errors associated with outdated or paper-based onboarding programs. As a result, more organizations are turning to digital technologies as an effective, efficient solution.

MedBridge is leading that transformation with the MedBridge Hospice Solution, a complete, end-to-end platform that helps organizations in three critical areas: onboarding, staff engagement and development, and quality improvement. The solution works to elevate care quality and family satisfaction while reducing operating costs, streamlining onboarding, and boosting staff retention.

Hospice organizations using MedBridge have improved new nurse time to productivity by 7 days (and saved $7,000), reduced the cost of onboarding by 17.9 percent, and improved new nurse retention by 28 percent in the first 90 days. Organizations are also driving improvements in care quality and performance by implementing effective QAPI programs that boost clinical competency, patient quality of life, and reimbursement rates. With MedBridge, the analytics and reporting capabilities that mitigate compliance and regulatory risks have improved CAHPS scores to over 95 percent and increased HIS accuracy by 14 percent.

“MedBridge is dedicated to helping hospice organizations solve their biggest challenges so they can continue to serve patients and families with the highest level of compassionate care. We’re pleased to offer a solution that combines powerful staff education with proven tools for quality improvement, empowering organizations to boost staff retention, enhance end-of-life care, and ultimately improve patient quality of life and family satisfaction,” said Joseph Brence, PT, DPT, MBA, FAAOMPT, Head of Clinical Strategy at MedBridge.

Key elements of the MedBridge solution include the MedBridge Learning Management System (LMS), Skills and Competency Manager, the full suite of MedBridge education products, and effective analytics and reporting software. Together, the MedBridge LMS and Skills and Competency Manager help organizations quickly and effectively prepare new nurses for the field with digital skills self-assessment checklists and customized training programs focused on identified skill gaps. MedBridge analytics and reporting software replaces pen-and-paper education and tracking, saving considerable time and effort, improving transparency and data analysis, and reducing the risk of errors and reimbursement losses.