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CORA Health Services Improves Patient Activation by 243% with the MedBridge Digital Care Platform and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring


improvement in patient retention


improvement in outcomes per visit


average reimbursement per episode

Client Challenge

For many outpatient rehab organizations across the U.S., low patient engagement and high patient dropoff are ongoing challenges, leading to poor outcomes and lost revenue. At CORA Health Services, MedBridge’s patient-friendly education, exercises, and online communication tools were already helping the multi-clinic physical therapy organization significantly boost patient engagement and outcomes.

However, implementing remote monitoring would allow CORA to take its digital patient care to the next level by further improving patient engagement and outcomes for Medicare patients and receiving reimbursement for the remote care provided. To reach these goals, CORA needed the right technology and processes to easily and accurately track clinician and patient activities.

CORA Health Services at a Glance

Founded in 1998
Headquarters in Charlotte, NC

MedBridge Solution

To elevate its digital patient care, CORA partnered with MedBridge to implement a virtual end-to-end solution for tracking and reporting activities related to remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). This standardized, repeatable, and easy-to-manage process helped CORA:

  • Successfully leverage RTM as a strategic driver to optimize its digital care program—improving patient activation, keeping patients even more engaged throughout their episode of care, and collecting additional revenue by meeting RTM code requirements that require patients and clinicians to regularly log data online.
  • Collect additional revenue by meeting RTM code requirements that require patients and clinicians to regularly log data online.


Since partnering with MedBridge, CORA has seen:

Increased Patient Activation, Retention, and Revenue

By adding RTM to its existing care model, CORA experienced the following results:

  • Boosted patient retention by 69%, from 39% to 66% (defined as more than 6 visits).
  • Increased patient activation (patient logins) by 243%.
  • Improved FOTO effectiveness scores by 27%, from a baseline of 41% to 52%.
  • Elevated FOTO patient satisfaction to 98.5%.
  • Increased reimbursement by $152.51 per episode.

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Boosted patient activation and retention by elevating digital patient care
Improved outcomes by enhancing patient follow-through
Increased revenue and reimbursement by incorporating RTM activity logging and billing.

About CORA Health Services

Founded in 1998, CORA Health Services is a rehabilitation provider offering physical therapy and occupational therapy services in 10 states in more than 250 clinic locations. Laser-focused on clinical outcomes, CORA uses a data-driven approach to improve quality and has moved quickly to adopt new technology to their workflow to enhance patient care.

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