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Everest Home Health & Hospice Partners with MedBridge & Home Care Answers to Improve OASIS Accuracy


decrease in recommended OASIS corrections for each of the targeted M-items


additional reimbursement
per patient episode


per year, per provider
(once a payment adjustment occurs)

Client Challenge

Everest Home Health & Hospice is a small agency located outside Salt Lake City, Utah. With services in six counties, Everest is a community-focused agency providing individualized care to patients, as well as specialty services such as wound care, pain management, and infusion services.

Value-based payment models and the expansion of home health value-based purchasing have changed how agencies think about quality, highlighting the importance of accuracy and consistency of data collection. Everest leverages Home Care Answers (HCA) to perform OASIS reviews. While HCA helps identify areas of inaccuracy, Everest lacked the staff hours and change management infrastructure to make the improvements needed to fix the inaccuracies.

Everest Home Health & Hospice at a Glance

Founded in 2014
Headquarters in Bountiful, UT

MedBridge Solution

Everest partnered with MedBridge to develop an improvement program for their staff responsible for OASIS completion. The program includes:

  • MedBridge microlearning content targeted to areas of correction and OASIS concepts
  • Staff satisfaction and confidence surveys
  • MedBridge Learning Management System and Clinician App providing assignment, reminders, and tracking support for a mobile workforce
  • OASIS data pre- and post-implementation, provided by Home Care Answers


Everest Home Health & Hospice deployed their OASIS improvement program and saw results right away. Recommended OASIS corrections decreased by as much as 28 percent for each of the targeted M-items. As agencies approach the first year of home health value-based purchasing (HHVBP), these results could improve reimbursement by 5 percent due to improved agency performance. Once a payment adjustment occurs, an agency could expect to see an additional $150 per patient episode, or $30k per year, per provider ($150 x 200 episodes per year per provider).

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Boosted OASIS accuracy by standardizing high-quality training

Improved staff confidence with
OASIS data collection

Increased expected reimbursements by improving documentation practices

About Everest Home Health & Hospice

Everest Home Health & Hospice is a Utah-based, family-operated agency whose mission is to enhance patient quality of life through specialized, compassionate, high-quality care. Everest strives to support patients and caregivers through education and referral to resources, and by advocating for them through professional care management. At Everest, interdisciplinary teams address the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of care as an integrated whole for patients and their caregivers.

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