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MedBridge Reduces Total Musculoskeletal Costs by 77 Percent at Occupational Accountable Care


reduction in overall MSD claims cost


total reduction in MSD claims spend


average savings per employee

Client Challenge

Occupational Accountable Care (OAC) is an innovative, leading-edge organization that provides strategies and resources to improve employee health outcomes through a collaboration between local medical providers, employers, and insurance carriers.

One of OAC’s key initiatives is an onsite and online musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) safety program to help employers and payers nationwide diagnose and resolve symptoms before they present as musculoskeletal injuries. To help optimize outcomes and lower costs within this area, OAC knew that it was crucial to increase employee engagement through a scalable solution that provides effective, accessible MSD education to all employees.

Occupational Accountable Care at a Glance

Founded in 2014
Headquarters in Dublin, OH
MedBridge partner since 2020

MedBridge Solution

By leveraging the MedBridge Patient Engagement Solution, OAC has been able to implement a highly effective patient engagement program. MedBridge allows OAC to:

  • Standardize templates for common conditions and types of customers.
  • Customize templates according to patient need.
  • Maximize engagement with digital technology.


Through its partnership with MedBridge, OAC has been highly successful in reducing the frequency of OSHA-reportable injuries, improving the health and wellbeing of employees, and boosting long-term financial impact for employers.

OAC has seen results such as:

Fewer MSD Claims

By proactively providing templatized, evidence-based education and exercise programs, OAC has helped employees become more engaged in their own wellness and care. As a result, OAC’s employer clients have been able to reduce MSD claims by a full 81 percent.

Cost Savings

Due to the improved health of employees, resulting in fewer claims, OAC has seen significant cost savings, including:

  • 63% reduction in overall MSD claims cost.
  • 77% total reduction in MSD spend.
  • An average savings per employee of $214.04.

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Improved patient management by standardizing templates for common conditions.


Boosted patient engagement by leveraging integrated digital care tools.


Lowered the cost of care by improving outcomes and reducing MSD claims.

About OAC

Occupational Accountable Care (OAC) provides integrated solutions to improve the health and safety of employed populations, including on-site and online musculoskeletal safety programs and services for employers and payers nationwide.

OAC’s passion is reducing the pain and hardship of workplace injuries by helping its partners prevent, diagnose and resolve symptoms before they present as injuries. This improves the health and wellbeing of employees, while also reducing OSHA-reportable injuries and the long-term financial impact for the employer.

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“By partnering with MedBridge, we’ve been able to provide an effective engagement program to every employee within our network, which has contributed to improved employee wellness, an 81 percent reduction in musculoskeletal injuries and claims, and an average savings per employee of over $200. We highly recommend MedBridge to anyone who is looking to make significant improvements in patient engagement and adherence. The integrated Patient Engagement Platform, which includes HEP and Patient Education resources, templates, builder, and a patient mobile app, are now a key component we use to improve patient activation for the employers we collaborate with.”

Dale Bugay Jr, Director Of Operations at Occupational Accountable Care, LLC

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