Customer Story

How CORA Health Services Increased Revenue and Reduced Patient Dropoff with MedBridge's Digital Patient Engagement Solutions

Increased Evaluation Conversion Rate

9% increase in evaluation conversion rate, with an increase in visits per episode.

Improved Patient Outcomes

12% improvement in FOTO
effectiveness scores.

Better Clinician Engagement

110% increase in HEP programs
assigned to patients.

Client Challenge

CORA Health Services is a top-10 national provider of outpatient therapy services, with over 250 clinics across 10 states. CORA’s clinics offer a complete range of treatment options, including outpatient physical therapy, general rehabilitation, worker’s compensation therapy, sports medicine, auto injury rehabilitation, and rehabilitation for seniors.

For many physical therapy clinics across the US, including CORA, patient dropoff is a continuous challenge, leading to poor outcomes, low patient satisfaction, and lost revenue. CORA decided to meet this problem head on by partnering with MedBridge to provide clinicians with the skills, platform, and process to cultivate a stronger therapeutic alliance with patients. By doing so, CORA was able to keep more patients in a full length of stay, helping them get better and increasing revenue as a result.

CORA Health Services at a Glance

Founded in 1998
Headquarters in Charlotte, NC

MedBridge Solution

By leveraging MedBridge’s digital care solutions, including the Home Exercise Program (HEP) and Continuing Education, CORA was able to:

  • Reinforce behavior change in clinicians
  • Improve therapeutic alliance
  • Boost patient engagement
  • Enhance communication with patients


After implementing MedBridge solutions, CORA succeeded in increasing the number of patients who fulfilled their episode of care, while also improving patient outcomes and quality of care. Results included:

  • Increased patient conversion rate from evaluation to care by 9 percent.
  • Improved outcomes per visit, with 12 percent higher FOTO effectiveness scores.
  • Enhanced clinician engagement, with 110 percent more HEP programs assigned to patients.

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Boosted patient retention by improving clinician communication and patient engagement
Improved outcomes by enhancing patient rapport and quality of care
Increased clinician utilization with easy-to-assign home exercises.

About CORA Health Services

CORA Health Services, Inc. is an outpatient rehabilitation company that uses proven clinical practices and cost-effective treatment protocols to return patients to their jobs and lifestyles as soon as possible. CORA has more than 250 clinics across 10 states that offer a complete range of treatment, including outpatient physical therapy and general rehabilitation, worker’s compensation therapy, sports and auto injury rehabilitation, and rehabilitation for seniors.

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