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MedBridge Improves Staff Engagement and Retention at MOTION PT Group


of staff feel MedBridge has contributed to overall employee satisfaction


of staff feel MedBridge has been a valuable addition to MOTION PT Group


of staff feel MedBridge has eased compliance maintenance

Client Challenge

MOTION PT Group is a network of clinics offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Its team of licensed therapists develop personalized treatments and follow evidence-based practices for lasting results.

With MedBridge, MOTION PT Group set out to:

  • Engage and retain its workforce during a time of rapid staff growth
  • Provide staff with powerful continuing education resources
  • Get new hires up to speed faster and more efficiently
  • Mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements across the organization

MOTION PT Group at a Glance

Founded in 2015
Headquartered in New York, NY
200+ Clinicians
85 Locations
MedBridge Partner Since 2016

MedBridge Solution

MOTION PT Group has leveraged MedBridge to improve staff communication, engagement, training, and onboarding processes through:

  •  Using Knowledge Tracks to streamline training and onboarding across multiple locations
  •  Enabling stronger communication between staff across multiple locations
  •  Engaging staff with powerful online continuing education resources
  •  Meeting regulatory requirements with impactful compliance training resources


Streamlined Onboarding Process

Research shows that developing a strong onboarding process leads to increased job satisfaction and staff retention.1 MOTION PT Group partnered with MedBridge to solve for this and has since streamlined its onboarding processes while more than doubling in size, enabling new and acquired clinics to get up to speed faster.

Staff Engagement & Satisfaction

Since implementing the MedBridge professional development platform, MOTION PT Group has experienced improved staff engagement and satisfaction. Almost all (97%) staff with access to the complete MedBridge solution feel that it is a valuable addition to their benefits. And 83% of those surveyed feel that MedBridge has contributed to their overall satisfaction as a MOTION PT Group employee.

Having MedBridge CEUs attainable at any time from anywhere on the online platform has led to 80% of staff feeling that MedBridge has eased licensure requirement compliance.

“I love being able to have quick and easy access to a variety of CE courses... When I’m facing something new, I can watch an hour-long course and walk in the next day ready to treat the patient with greater expertise thanks to MedBridge!”

— MOTION PT Group clinician

Meet Regulatory Requirements

MOTION PT Group has experienced improved and streamlined training processes for non-clinical requirements such as compliance and ethical issues. MOTION PT Group has included MedBridge compliance training in its Knowledge Tracks for staff to mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements.

“I appreciate the non-clinical content just as much as the top-quality clinician education content. One of our greatest challenges as a profession is keeping providers educated in proper billing and coding, compliance, and ethical issues. MedBridge compliance training has helped us fill this void.”

— Michael Fox, PT, Chief Clinical Director

Increased Efficiency & Time Savings

By using Knowledge Tracks to streamline training and onboarding processes, MOTION PT Group has become 35% more efficient in onboarding new clinics and quickly getting them up to speed.

“Having reliable tools during the onboarding process is the key to our efficiency. Since using MedBridge, we've been able to streamline our communication while providing a central location to access important information and documentation.”

— JC Bender, PT, Regional Director

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  1. Robert Half; Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Streamlined compliance training with the MedBridge Risk Mitigation Solution, helping to keep staff and patients safer.

Risk Mitigation Solution

Improved staff readiness with the MedBridge Onboarding Solution, saving time and boosting care efficiency.

Onboarding Solution

Encouraged professional growth with the MedBridge Workforce Development Solution, increasing staff engagement and satisfaction.

Workforce Development Solution

About MOTION PT Group

MOTION PT Group is a network of clinics offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy. With clinics throughout New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts, MOTION PT Group’s mission is to improve patients’ mobility and quality of life. The team of licensed therapists develop personalized treatments and follow evidence-based practices that lead to the best possible lasting results.

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“I am an early adopter of Medbridge and have consistently employed it to supplement hands-on education in the most cost-effective way. MedBridge has become an integral part of our education process and helps MOTION accomplish our mission to deliver compassionate care, facilitate healing, and empower patients to live their fullest lives. Our therapists empower patients; Medbridge empowers our therapists.”

Michael Fox, PT, Chief Clinical Director

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