The Road Ahead: Pioneering a New Future Together With Digital Patient Care

Together, we'll keep the patient at the center of digital patient care.

My name is Donovan Campbell, and it’s my privilege to introduce myself as CEO of MedBridge.

Over the past six years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with top innovators and industry leaders in telemedicine and digital patient navigation. In that time, I’ve watched healthcare undergo a seismic shift towards digital patient care. The COVID-19 pandemic compressed a decade’s worth of virtual care adoption into just a few months, accelerating consumer-driven trends towards digital care modalities that were already underway. As a result of these changes, care delivery organizations are under increasing pressure to keep up with evolving patient expectations, rising regulatory demands, and changing reimbursement models that shift payment towards measurable outcomes and away from fee for services. At the same time, the healthcare industry has to combat record-high clinician burnout rates and keep its best practitioners in the field and practicing. 

To succeed in this rapidly changing environment, we all need best-in-class partners to help us navigate—and shape—the new normal. That’s why I’m excited to join MedBridge, an innovator with a proven track record of delivering industry-leading digital patient engagement and clinician education services to the nation’s providers, and a company that’s committed to pushing itself to do more.

I started my professional journey as a young officer leading Marines on the front lines in the Middle East and Central Asia. It was there that I saw how important it is for teams to continually learn and evolve in order to remain successful in high-stakes, dynamic environments. I also learned how important it is for leaders to believe that, first and foremost, their primary job is to give themselves to serve others, because lives are on the line. The healthcare field today is equally high-stakes and dynamic—after all, lives are on the line here as well. Those of us who have the opportunity to work in this field  have the privilege of impacting the areas most dear to our fellow citizens: their health, their lives, and the wellbeing of their loved ones. This privilege brings with it a commensurate responsibility to push ourselves to be better, to continually think of how we can integrate our past experience with our current learning, and to innovate new solutions for our clinical partners to empower them to make a broader and deeper impact on their patients.  

Because of our committed team and our strong partnership with the healthcare community, MedBridge has become a solution of choice for nine of the top ten hospital systems and physical therapy practices and six of the top ten home health agencies. However, there’s still much more work that we can do—and that we must do. I’m humbled to join a team that recognizes this need, a team that’s committed to pushing the envelope to keep pioneering in digital care. 

To succeed in this mission, we’ll need all of the wisdom and support that we can get, and we won’t always get everything right the first time. But no matter what happens, I can promise that we will remain committed to keeping the patient at the center of digital MSK care and to continuing to serve the incredibly hard-working healthcare community by providing the tools you need to help maximize your reach and impact.  

Thank you,

Donovan Campbell

CEO, MedBridge

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