CORA Physical Therapy Improves Continuity of Care for Diverse Patient Population with MedBridge Telehealth Solution

CORA press release

A multi-region physical therapy organization helps its extensive and diverse network of patients stay connected and on track with Telehealth Virtual Visits.

Seattle, WA—CORA Physical Therapy is now leveraging MedBridge Telehealth Virtual Visits to expand access to high-quality care for all patients, including those with Medicare.

MedBridge, an industry-leading online education and patient engagement solution, enables healthcare organizations to improve outcomes and optimize care delivery. CORA is one of the nation’s largest providers of outpatient occupational and physical therapy, with services that include general physical therapy and rehabilitation, worker’s compensation therapy, sports and auto injury rehabilitation, and rehabilitation for seniors.

“Telehealth Virtual Visits is helping us continue our commitment to lead the industry in using innovation to deliver exceptional, robust care to all,” said Jessica Heath-Byerly, Director of Clinical Education at CORA. “Our clinics are open and we have taken steps to ensure a safe environment for in-clinic visits, but when that’s not an option, being able to offer treatment in a virtual setting has been key to patients continuing their therapy. The recent change in guidelines allowing Medicare patients to be seen via telehealth has been a game changer for that population. And because Telehealth Virtual Visits has been easy to deploy and manage across our multiple clinics, we’ve been able to transition quickly and seamlessly to remote care. Our clinicians love that the solution integrates with MedBridge HEP so that they can live-stream exercises during sessions.”

Telehealth Virtual Visits offers a secure, reliable method to help patients progress with therapy and recovery, even when they’re unable to see their provider in person. The solution is simple to use for clinicians and patients, and includes an intuitive interface, a single-platform workflow, and an effective, engaging patient portal and mobile app. With enhanced reporting, clinicians can use patient messaging, pain-and-difficulty tracking, and adherence data to better communicate with patients, understand the patient experience, and improve patient adherence across an episode of care and after discharge.

“Telehealth Virtual Visits is optimized for organizations of all sizes. It can be easily scaled across multiple teams and clinics to help organizations quickly implement high-quality remote care for small or large networks of patients,” said Keta Shaw, Telehealth Product Manager, MedBridge. “Virtual Visits is a comprehensive remote care solution that is capable of serving patients of all ages, anywhere, with health and rehabilitation needs that range from simple to complex.”

About CORA Physical Therapy
CORA Health Services, Inc./CORA Physical Therapy is an outpatient rehabilitation company that uses proven clinical practices and cost effective treatment protocols to return patients to their jobs and lifestyles as soon as possible. Their clinics offer a complete range of treatment, including outpatient physical therapy and general rehabilitation, worker’s compensation therapy, sports and auto injury rehabilitation, and rehabilitation for seniors. CORA operates more than 210 clinics in nine states: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, including specialty clinics under the Body Gears brand.