Agape Physical Therapy Improves Revenues with MedBridge Telehealth Solution

Agape press release

A growing physical therapy practice quickly implements Telehealth Virtual Visits to provide a reimbursable remote care solution.

Seattle, WA—Agape Physical Therapy now offers MedBridge Telehealth Virtual Visits to extend ongoing, safe care to patients while maintaining revenues during a time of disruptive change.

MedBridge, an industry-leading online education and patient engagement solution, enables healthcare organizations to improve outcomes and optimize care delivery. Agape Physical Therapy is a dynamic, thriving therapy practice with six clinics that provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatments for restoring movement and improving quality of life to a growing patient population.

“Before we implemented telehealth, many of our patients were unable to receive the treatment they needed due to the pandemic, and our revenues were declining,” said Natalia Farnsworth, Executive Director of Agape Physical Therapy. “As a smaller organization, this revenue loss could have significantly affected our bottom line and our ability to continue seeing patients. But we were able to get set up with Telehealth Virtual Visits very quickly and start receiving reimbursements from private insurers right away. We’re targeting 50 telehealth visits per provider every week, and each visit is getting reimbursed without a co-pay from the patient. We’re thrilled to have this option at such a critical time and plan to use Telehealth Virtual Visits to provide greater choice for our patients going forward as well.”

Telehealth Virtual Visits allows organizations to optimize long-term outcomes by better managing their patient population, engaging and retaining patients, and expanding healthcare access. It offers a secure, reliable method for engaging patients in real time by streaming targeted home exercises that clinicians can demonstrate and discuss. With a single-platform workflow and user-friendly interface, the solution is easy to implement, learn, and use for providers and patients.

“With Telehealth Virtual Visits, clinics can continue to provide exceptional, interactive care across the continuum, even when patients are unable to come in,” said Leigh Wager, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at MedBridge. “Because it allows for uninterrupted care, it prevents the ongoing gaps in therapy that can lead to patient non-adherence, self-discharge, poor outcomes, and revenue downturn. In addition to using telehealth during times of disruption and rapid change, providers can also use it on an ongoing basis to supplement in-person visits and provide greater choice and flexibility to patients.”

About Agape Physical Therapy
Agape Physical Therapy is driven by an uncompromising commitment to quality care and excellence. At Agape, dedicated, compassionate teams help patients safely recover overall fitness, lost movement, flexibility, strength, and balance. Highly skilled, board-certified physical therapists perform thorough evaluations and meet patients where they’re at with treatment programs tailored to each patient’s condition and needs. By combining the talents and skills of amazing physical therapy professionals, Agape helps create lasting, successful outcomes for rehabilitation and injury prevention.